Alexandre da Cunha, Office Baroque Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium, 28 October – 8 December 2012

Neil Campbell
Alexandre da Cunha

28 October – 8 December 2012
Opening preview Sunday 28 October from 16.30 thru 18.30


Neil Campbell, Big Rubber, 2012 adhesive on wall, dimensions variable

Office Baroque is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Canadian artist Neil Campbell and British-Brazilian artist Alexandre da Cunha.

Painting directly on to the wall, Neil Campbell (°1958) transforms the gallery’s interior with his geometric shapes and patterning. He intervenes in the architecture, toying with the experience of the space and addressing questions of viewer perception. Letting intuition guide the process, he divines ‘sweet spots’ within the exhibition space, scaling his shapes and situating them in the locales he deems most harmonic.

Alexandre Da Cunha (°1969) uses items that can be considered as kitsch to create an elegant, minimal aesthetic. His body of work has clear links with the history of geometrical abstraction both in painting and in sculpture. His “tropical ready-mades” with hats and beach towels go beyond the Duchampian tradition and are not restricted by historical quotes. What looks very formal and elegant at first, has a hidden comical side that reveals itself upon closer looking.