Sam Reveles 2014 in Texas, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Jan 18 – Mar 23 & Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Jan 18 – May 11

Sam Reveles will be participating in two exhibitions at the beginning of 2014:




Painting: A Love Story

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas

January 18 – March 23, 2014





Without cynicism, these painters stage studio experiences in which one sees acts of painterly lovemaking accumulate over time. By tenderly examining the surfaces of their works, one can reconstruct the painterly decisions, additions, revisions, and erasures that lead to the finished image and thereby reconstruct the narrative by which the artists fall in love with their own work. The painterly pleasure they seek is like the fugitive lover whose loss has to be perpetually risked in order to keep their passion level high, and we, the audience, can experience that pleasure vicariously.

In each and every piece in the show failure has been risked and sometimes encountered. Several of the artists spoke of moments of desperation in the studio when the works felt unsalvageable and almost ended up in the dumpster. In each case the next studio decision allowed the artists to become re-enraptured and let these experiments take on a public life forever in the artists’ official output. Every artwork is the result of a series of decisions, but this mode of painting lets the process of one decision after another remain visible, and for those of us that love artist processes and cherish even the illusion of being with them in their studios, such paintings are like watching a romance, where the outcome remains uncertain until the very last moments.

Painting: A Love Story includes fifteen artists from New York, Boston, Houston, and El Paso: Richard Aldrich, David Aylsworth, Andrew Brischler, Joseph Cohen, Matt Connors, Keltie Ferris, Geoff Hippenstiel, Eva Lundsager, Jason Middlebrook, Sam Reveles,Cordy Ryman, Amy Sillman, Shane Tolbert, Scott Treleaven, and Charline von Heyl.

Contemporary Arts Museum
5216 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX 77006





Mirrored and Obscured: Contemporary Texas Self Portraits

Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Texas

January 18 – May 11, 2014



Mirrored and Obscured: Contemporary Texas Self-Portraits, organized by the Art Museum of Southeast Texas is a group exhibition examining a range of self-portraiture from artists all over Texas including Cedar Hill, Conroe, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Galveston, Lubbock, Nacogdoches and San Antonio.  Self-portraits included in the exhibition are literal and non-literal.  Portraits are in many different types of media: drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, and mixed media.  The exhibit features 17 artists: Adela Andea, light sculpture; Debra Barerra, sculpture; Michael Bise, drawing; James Drake, mixed media drawings; Sharon Kopriva, sculpture; Laura Lark, drawing; Lawrence Lee, mixed media drawing; Mary McCleary, mixed media collage; Sherry Owens, sculpture; Sam Reveles, painting; Shaun Roberts, painting; Rusty Scruby, photographic reconstruction; Gael Stack, drawing; Kathy Vargas, hand-colored photograph; Jonathan Whitfill, sculpture; Ann Wood, mixed media; and Xiaoze Xie, painting.  Many of these artists are creating new pieces for the exhibit including: Debra Barrera, Sharon Kopriva, Lawrence Lee, Sherry Owens, Shaun Roberts, Jonathan Whitfill, Ann Wood, and Xiaoze Xie.

Art Museum of Southeast Texas
500 Main Street, Beaumont, Texas 77701