Steven Bindernagel, Steven Bindernagel, Chasing the Ghost, June 21 – July 26 2013, Beta Pictoris Gallery, Birmingham, AL

Beta Pictoris Gallery is pleased to present Chasing the Ghost, a solo exhibition of new works by Steven Bindernagel.











Bindernagel has embarked on a new path inside his trajectory of abstract painting. Chasing the Ghost features small works on canvas, panel, and paper. Previously known for his large abstract works dealing with systems, meticulous grids, and expressive gestures this selection of work highlights an exciting departure for the artist. Moving away from sprawling imagery Bindernagel has focused on the material and the contemplative nature of an experimental approach to painting. Layers are added and removed in order to reveal and manipulate memory. The painting process becomes one of discovery in which he paints what cannot be fully comprehended. Through an attempt at making the intangible tangible the artist chases the unattainable ghost in the painting, the latent memory present in each coat on the canvas.

The paintings found in Chasing the Ghost are open-ended, unidentifiable, but rooted in an accumulation of personal history. Here the ghost and the memory are one in the same residing on the plane feeding off of each other’s energy, hiding and revealing a presence in each carefully painted work. In the way that a Cy Twombly painting explores grand allusions which simultaneously convey nothing and everything, mood and meaning stand at the forefront. For Bindernagel, perhaps it is seen in the obsessively scraped oil and acrylic, the rigorous sanding of the surface, or veil of paint replacing what was removed-these works live from within. Bindernagel cleverly coaxes the ghost from the work and ultimately what appears is as confounding as the memory itself.

Steven Bindernagel lives and works in New York, NY. He holds an MFA from the School of Visual Arts and has exhibited nationally. Notably he has recently shown at the Armory Fair, CRG Gallery, and a Dan Cameron curated exhibition at David Zwirner. This is his first solo exhibition with beta pictoris gallery.

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