Brian Tolle “Pageant” : Permanent installation on the Manhattan Bridge, NY


Miss Brooklyn and Miss Manhattan are once again ready for their closeup when you cross the Manhattan Bridge.

The city has installed replicas of the iconic statues nearly 60 years after they were removed.

New York master builder Robert Moses banished the originals in the 1960s because he thought they got in the way of traffic.

The rotating, light-up statues grace the Brooklyn side of the bridge at Flatbush Avenue and Tillary Street.

Brian Tolle, the artist behind the project, says the replicas symbolize the opposite of Moses’s vision.

“The committee that was developing this new greenbelt down Flatbush Avenue the way that they spoke about it was so much more about pedestrians and being a friendly environment and art being a kind of centerpiece to create a sense of community where as Moses saw it as an obstacle to his vision of the future,” Tolle said.

The original statues are currently housed at the Brooklyn Museum.