Press Release


Extended to October 22, 2011.

CRG is pleased to present Carmen McLeod’s first solo show in New York. McLeod works in painting and sculpture with equal vigor, often blurring the line between the two.  McLeod formulates her own idea of what can be considered “primary” material and uses these not so much to distill and simplify, but rather to intensify and enhance. Her selected building blocks range from the most elementary (paint, canvas) to the amalgamated, such as a painting the artist produced in 2008 which she revisits with additional materials. 

McLeod has reused objects in her studio throughout her career and often alters or de-constructs finished objects to create an entirely new piece. The sensation of the recycled permeates her objects and calls attention both to the apparent age of these objects as well as the unusual combinations she selects. McLeod creates work that not only elucidates the primary structures in a formal manner, but work that is left open to contemplation on all levels. Focus alternates between the singular components (a rock, a piece of linen), the more composite arrangements (a collaged painting, or a sculpture of painted plywood, wire, and table legs), and the installation as a whole.

The works become a literal measurement of time; an accrued account of different languages that the artist has identified for herself and that the viewer can determine through his or her own reactions to the work. Whether simple or complex, each building block has a history prior to its inclusion in McLeod’s finished objects. As such, their previous lives and meanings are obscured upon combining with other elements– the pentimenti, or layering of paint, becomes the only evidence, and at the same time a clue, of the work’s prior life.


Carmen McLeod was born in Phoenix, Arizona.  She now lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Selected Work

Tiller, 2011
Wood, graphite, screws, enamel, flashing cement and aluminum
70 X 14 3/4 X 4 inches
Mal Yer May, 2009
Oil and wood on canvas
23 X 28 inches
Mirror, 2010
Oil and graphite on wood
19 X 47 inches
Minnow, 2011
Oil, beads and wood on canvas
10 X 10 inches
Pin-tuk, 2011
Oil, wood and cloth on linen
6 X 7 inches
Date of Birth, 2011
Oil on canvas
22 X 28 inches
I Am Not A Bird, 2011
Oil and wood on linen
16 X 29 inches
Vertigo, 2011
Oil, granite, and wood on canvas
22 X 28 inches

Antecedent, 2011
Wood, canvas and oil on linen
40 X 29 inches


Leaning Green, 2011
Oil on plywood
39 X 38 inches
Right of Egress, 2011
Wood and oil on canvas
31 X 28 inches
Mickey, 2010
Oil on linen
20 X 16 inches
Button, 2010
Oil, graphite, wood and fabric on canvas
24 X 20 1/2 inches
Petition, 2011
Foam, gesso, oil paint, Kilz and wood
45 X 30 X 30 inches

Baroque Hummer, 2011
Wood, enamel, bisque-ware and graphite
58 1/2 X 13 X 13 inches
Cut Out Tall, 2011
Wood, foam, oil and acrylic
62 X 12 X 14 inches
The Seduction, 2011
Wood, enamel, birch picture frames, wire, graphite and oil paint
68 1/2 X 16 X 16 inches
Mule, 2011
Wood, glue, oil paint, graphite, acrylic, screw, and graphite
53 X 40 X 25 inches
Elephant, 2011
Wood, glue, nails, Cement All, gesso, acrylic paint, foam, marble, colored pencil, water color, stone
64 1/2 X 34 X 17 1/2 inches
Mickalene 7, 2011
Oil on canvas
78 X 60 inches
Mickalene 5, 2011
Oil on canvas
78 X 72 inches
Mickalene 6, 2011
Oil on canvas
78 X 60 inches
Missing Mickey, 2011
Oil on canvas and wood with pegboard
78 X 60 inches
Mickalene 4, 2011
Oil on canvas
78 X 72 inches
Trip Lever, 2011
Wood, screws, graphite, canvas and oil on paint
96 X 8 X 9 inches
Flag Bearer, 2011
Birch wood frame, granite, wood, oil paint, plastic dish and wood pole
76/ X 25/ X 18 inches
Archaeology, 2011
Oil paint, gesso, styrofoam, granite, pine, screws and stone
78 X 22 1/4 X 22 1/2 inches
The Fuzz, 2011
Wood, ceramic tile, screws, oil paint and Kilz on canvas
35 3/4 X 33 inches
Los Angeles, 2011
Oil, beads, wool carpet and wood on linen
12 X 9 inches
Feather Blue, 2011
Oil, wood and yarn on linen
11 X 12 inches
Cornichon, 2011
Oil and canvas on linen
20 X 18 1/2 inches

Installation Shots