Press Release


CRG Gallery’s inaugural exhibition at 535 West 22nd Street will be new work by Los Angeles artist, Christie Frields, in her New York solo debut. Frields will exhibit three sculptures and eight drawings. In the artists words:

“The subject of my work comes out of an attempt to comprehend the possible future evolution of everything. It comes out of a world becoming increasingly, spectacularly synthetic, where the machines and systems that drive our economy are so complex and autonomous as to be indistinguishable from living things. I am interested in similarities, specifically the shared characteristics of the nature-technology-economy triad. The qualities of transience, boundlessness and flux describe at once both the organic and the technological, supplying us a context of turbulence rather than stability. In this context, our techno-global- capital network, stasis is death.”

“nature, technology, economy = velocity, simultaneity, desire” (summer 2000) Frields looking for equivalencies has developed a lexicon of materials and signs; PVC pipe, bamboo, barcodes and graffiti. To organize these ideas and structure the work Frields references traditional forms of Japanese art; ikebana, haiku, scrolls, calligraphy, folding screens. The sculptures include a 9 foot diameter by 12 inch high tetrahelix made of bamboo and PVC pipe, a 15 x 18 x 2 foot rainbow of PVC pipe and a two panel lacquered folding screen covered with black and white bar codes (each panel 68 x 34 inches).