Press Release


CRG Gallery is pleased to present new work by Brazilian artist Efrain Almeida. Efrain Almeida
was born in Boa Viagem, 1964, Ceará and lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. He started his
artistic training at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage (EAV/Parque Lage) [Lage Park
School of Visual Arts] in the late 1980’s. In 1990, he attended a course in the Museu de Arte
Moderna de São Paulo (MAM/SP) [Museum of Modern Art of São Paulo] and began researching
into diverse materials. He chose wood as the raw-material for his work, which is comprised
mainly of small-size sculptures.

In 1993, he held his first individual exhibition, Objects, at the Centro Cultural Sérgio Porto
[Sérgio Porto Cultural Center], in Rio de Janeiro. Among his solo exhibitions the highlights
are Marcas at Estação Pinacoteca in 2007, Handmade, at Galeria Fortes Vilaça in 2010 and
O Sozinho, at Casa-França Brasil, in 2013. He participated in the 1st Mercosul Biennial in 1997,
International Biennial of Buenos Aires in 2002, 10th Biennial of Havana in 2009 and
29th Bienalde São Paulo in 2010.

Imbued with a lyric sense, Efrain Almeida’s sculptures subtly and silently deal with issues related
to the body, sexuality and religion. Almeida frequently uses images from nature, mythological
universe and popular culture, allowing all his references to clearly appear. Through the use of
craftwork techniques applied to wood and cloth, the artist raises contemporary art themes such
as the exploration of autobiography and the use of the exhibition space as a significant formal
element of the work.

For the artist’s biography, please follow this link. For selected texts on the artist, please follow this link.

Selected Work

Installation Shots