Press Release


April 2nd, 2005 will mark Frances Stark’s fourth exhibition at CRG Gallery.”I have titled my show IN AND ON AN UNERGONOMIC MIND, that is to say the work on exhibit falls loosely under the thematic umbrella of inefficiency in the workplace. I chose that title for the way “in and on an” sounds which has as much, if not more, to do with the new pieces as much as an “unergonomic mind” does. I also chose this title because it is a phrase I penned myself and not a borrowed quote which I am used to employing. Furthermore, many of the appropriated pithy nuggets of text that have been central to my work over the past seven or so years are recycled here and put to non-rectilinear, and less grammatically coherent, use. The visitor to my exhibition can expect to encounter the verging-on-reprehensibly-banal comic strip personality Cathy, some rather elegant chrysanthemums (if I don’t say so myself), something akin to in-boxes, a couple of peacocks, and some soft secretaries.” The recent publication: “Frances Stark: Collected Writing: 1993-2003” Published by Book Works is available for purchase at CRG Gallery.