Press Release


CRG is pleased to announce our next exhibition will be recent work by Los Angeles artist, Frances Stark. For her second solo exhibition with CRG, Stark will show two large scale drawings which utilize the text repetition motif she has worked with for several years. The artist, whose work often examines the architecture of language, will also include a large scale drawing without text, which addresses itself to the current fascination with the “language of architecture.” Stark will also show a series of small drawings with Polaroid photographs and several collage drawings (some with text and some without) with pigment. Sources for the text in the current body of work include, Robert Musil’s novel, The Man of No Qualities, and Daniel Buren’s, The Function of the Studio, from October Magazine. Visual material is available upon request. Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 – 6 PM For further information please contact: Carla Chammas, Richard Desroche or Glenn McMillan NEXT EXHIBITION: Melissa McGill – Recent Work – February 11 – March 13, 1999