Press Release


For her third solo exhibition with CRG Gallery Los Angeles artist, Frances Stark, will show paintings, works on paper, collages and drawings in varying and mixed media such as casein, carbon, spray paint, gouache on canvas and paper. Many of the works are inspired by fragments of larger bodies of work and more specifically from the Robert Musil novel, The Man without Qualities. Stark has been using sentences and phrases from this text for the past four years. The text is repeated vertically to create dense fields of lines and color. The collage element, using mostly birds, and some musical instruments, is the newest element in the work and serves to disrupt the grid and supplement the results of the copying process with a more immediate graphic foil. Aside from the literary excerpts, Stark has often utilized icons and other elements of word processing in the works. The two at play in these works are the Hollerith card, more commonly referred to as the punch card or IBM card and a newer image from a Microsoft calendar program. Frances Stark’s recent exhibitions include Ich suche nach meine Frances Starke seite, Kunstverein, Munich, Germany.