Press Release


Jeffrey Saldinger’s solo debut exhibition with CRG in 1995 was the inaugural exhibition of the SoHo Gallery. His upcoming exhibition will serve as the final exhibition at the SoHo Gallery before CRG moves to its new location at 535 West 22nd Street this November. For his third solo exhibition with CRG Jeffrey Saldinger will show a series of 13 portrait-paintings including nine self-portraits. This body of works offers a look into Saldinger’s continued exploration and development in the portraiture genre with works created between 1997 and the present. In his recent self-portraits Saldinger begins to introduce objects into the paintings; a portion of a venetian blind or a mirror for instance. Saldinger also continues to explore the function of light; in one painting the illumination in the studio is adjusted to near darkness. Throughout, Saldinger maintains his meticulous attention to color and palette and the effect of light on both; his deadpan visages becoming as much an homage to still-life as the person.

“These are some of the things I think when I work: Painting is hard – I want a penetrating emotional presence – I seek the right balance of seeing, knowing, and contrivance – I enjoy all the mirror-supports I’ve made – I’m really glad disposable foam earplugs work so well – I am grateful I have the good fortune to be able to put so much time, care, thought, feeling, and love into my work” J. Saldinger, 2000

Concurrently, Saldinger’s work may also be seen in the exhibition The Figure: Another Side of Modernism at the Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art at Snug Harbor Cultural Center thorough January 14, 2001.