Press Release


CRG is pleased to announce our next exhibition will be a video installation by Los Angeles artist, Jessica Bronson, in her New York solo gallery debut. “The genres for the installation are speculative fiction and science fiction film. The subject for the video work is “weather,” particularly catastrophic weather. I am interested in weather’s location between the “real” and the “speculative” which, for me, arises from our culture’s increasing obsession with moment to moment coverage of what is essentially unchanging but full of unpredictable possibilities and the capacity for great violence. A variety of footage both will be organized categorically (as in some Structuralist Cinema) with regard to ambiance, duration, repetition, encompassing physicality, variations from mild to extreme, etc…, but also lyrically as with Experimental Cinema with an underlying investment in a consideration of poetics. The sound will be comprised of various tracks of electronic synthesizer samples which work together to create a Sci-Fi soundscape. This “Sci-Fi” aesthetic is furthered by installing the video pieces on white wall mounted monitors accompanied by several acrylic light sculptures.” Jessica Bronson, summer 1998 Jessica Bronson is the current recipient of the Citibank Private Bank Emerging Artist Award, which will culminate with a solo exhibition by the artist this December at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. A full color catalogue will be available this fall. Visual material is available upon request. Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 6 PM For further information please contact: Carla Chammas, Richard Desroche or Glenn McMillan NEXT EXHIBITION: Sam Reveles – Recent Paintings