Press Release


CRG opens its doors in March with Jim Hodges. The exhibition space has been transformed by two new major works.


In one room of the exhibition, walls have been removed to allow natural light to reflect on the faces of 10 canvases that form a singular freestanding sculptural work titled ‘and still this’. Each canvas is connected to the other creating a semicircle or arc. The surfaces have been gilded with 24k gold leaf and range in size sequentially; each being reduced in both dimensions in equal increments progressing from largest to smallest. The imagery is defined through multiple layers of gold leaf and varying texture to produce an array of patterns and pictorial renderings that range from those that Hodges has used in the past, such as shapes inspired by camouflage and other patterns found in nature to heavenly bursts of light or sun shining through formations of clouds and atmosphere.


The second work in the exhibition, titled ‘the dark gate’, stands centrally in a separate darkened room where the only source of light emanates from a single light bulb within a massive square wooden box. On one side of the box two double doors open to reveal its interior. From here the viewer can see that the back of the box is open, though bordered by a number of large sharpened steel spikes that converge from the perimeter of the box’s opening to its center; hindering the viewer from passing through. For the duration of the exhibition a perfume made by Hodges will be applied to the spikes daily.


In addition to the two focal works there will also be recent works on paper on view.

Selected Work

Installation Shots