Press Release


The exhibition will examine work made by contemporary women artists who have incorporated the mirror directly into their art works. The concept is that woman and mirrors have been represented throughout the history of art in a myriad of metaphorical and allegorical associations. In classical times, the mirror was an attribute of Venus, in religious art a mirror is associated with the Virgin Mary, in Renaissance allegory, Venus is associated with vanity and lust via her metaphor, the mirror. The title La Toilette de Venus makes reference to paintings depicting a recumbent female figure regarding her reflection in a mirror. This theme was prevalent in Venetian paintings of the late 15th and early 16th century. From a contemporary perspective there are interesting political, sociological and psychological concerns. The artists included will be Marina Abramovic, Lutz Bacher, Lynda Benglis, Barbara Bloom, Louise Bourgeois, Suzan Etkin, Sylvie Fleury, Diane Hagen, Mona Hatoum, Rebecca Horn, Robin Kahn, Cathleen Lewis, Melissa McGill, Yoko Ono, Katherine Pavlis Porter, Kiki Smith, Joan Synder and Sarah Vanderlip. Visual material available upon request For further information please contact: Richard Desroche, Carla Chammas, Glenn McMillan Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 –6 NEXT EXHIBTION: Frances Stark: Works on Paper.