Press Release

May 1st will mark Lisa Sanditz’s debut solo exhibition at CRG Gallery with a series of twelve paintings. Sanditz’ work has long been concerned with the collision of artificial and natural forms in the globally reaching American landscape. “Season Tickets” investigates the way the terrain of sports imitates and sometimes parodies the forms of once agrarian or natural landscapes. Choosing Bruegel’s five extant Months paintings as a structural model, Sanditz, inspired by tailgate parties and golf courses in the desert, changed the seasonal activities to sports, and then imagined seven further seasonal paintings, to complete a year-long cycle. Though the work does not borrow from Bruegel stylistically, it extends the tradition of depicting the dynamic exchange between people and land, using a barrage of contemporary painting styles. The abstract and the iconographic collide on the intricate and complex surfaces of these paintings, and their multiple perspectives mimic the ways people inevitably re-create the landscape, in search of recreation. Sanditz’ drawings address similar formal and ecological concerns, incorporating found material such as plastic bags to create color and often a sewing machine in place of pen or pencil. Her work offers humor in the face of degradation, proving, as the photographer Robert Adams wrote that, “we live in several landscapes at once, among them a landscape of hope.”

Participating Artists:

Lisa Sanditz