Press Release


CRG is pleased to announce our next exhibition will be a collaboration between Miguel Angel Rios and Sergio Vega. In the exhibition entitled, “The Discovery of the Amazon”, Rios and Vega set out to reconstruct Francisco de Orellana’s discovery voyage down the Amazon River between the years 1541 and 1542. The works in this exhibition represent their own interpretation of the events based on the account of Fray Gaspar de Carvajal, who accompanied Orellana on the voyage, fused with their own personal experiences on the Amazon River and in the region. Of the many striking aspects of Carvajal’s account of this fantastic voyage down the river, Rios and Vega have chosen to deal, among other things, with the psychological condition of the explorers and how this had a bearing on their perception of the events and latter recollection. These explorers had to endure severe hardship on this voyage. Faced with the unknown, conflicts often arose among them and the voyage, which started out as a foray for food, was considered an act of treason by Gonzalo Pizzaro and his men, who were left behind. One encounter with the “amazons”, still debated to this day, gives the river its present name. Rios and Vega have constructed out of the many episodes surrounding the discovery their own imaginary and contemporary version of the voyage. The geography of the river is of utmost importance in this project; it constitutes, so to speak, the spinal column of the project and also the account. In this sense, they have worked with cartography in order to reconstruct this voyage. Consequently, two of the pieces in the exhibition are based on maps of the Amazon. The rest of the pieces in the exhibition are articulated on the experience of the river concentrating on episodes which they have found to be reflective of some contemporary realities. Finally these works will be accompanied by a series of smaller works which refer to specific images and anecdotes from the voyage, souvenirs of the trip and a series of drawings that illustrate this fiction. Miguel Angel Rios and Sergio Vega were both born in Argentina. They now live and work in New York City. Both artists have exhibited widely in the United States, Europe and Latin America. This collaboration marks their first exhibition with CRG Gallery. Visual material is available upon request. For further information please contact: Carla Chammas, Richard Desroche or Glenn McMillan