Press Release


Pia Fries will mark her second solo New York exhibition at CRG Gallery with recent paintings, some of which incorporate the images of Maria Sibylla Merian, an engraver from Frankfurt during the 17th Century. Printed reproductions of engravings from a series known as: “les aquarelles de léningrad” are seen torn into pieces and integrated into the typically thick and heterogeneous surface of paint. The engravings are botanical studies showing the relationships between particular insects and their host plants. The etamorphosis from larvae to butterflies is one of many depictions that seem to have not only a directly structural relationship with their painted counterparts in terms of their organic and often biologically inferred methods of construction but so too is the suggested interest in a metamorphosis in terms of an intuitive process of making paintings. “I take my time, she explains,” “I like to step back, reflect, distance myself for the next step and then work again…learning as I go on.” * Here she has left her usual primed white surfaces bare so that we see the raw and winding grain of the wooden panels layered with paint and the images of paint that have been screen-printed on to them. The two forms become inseparable at a distance and then upon closer inspection, definitive of each other in material and image. * Excerpt from the publication “Vitamin P: New Perspectives in Painting”, published by Phaidon Press

Participating Artists:

Pia Fries