Press Release


CRG is pleased to announce our next exhibition will be recent work by New York artist, Sam Reveles. For his third solo exhibition with CRG Gallery, the artist will exhibit new paintings and drawings, which are poised between illusionistic paint handling and abstraction. The artist begins by making a copy of a representational painting from art history. Reveles interacts with this illusionistic foundation by adding abstractions of clusters of color, animated with brushwork. While the abstractions obscure the underpainting, fragments from the narrative are discernable: parts of a landscape (craggy cliffs, sprouting trees, rocky caverns, bands of blue sky), sections of bodies (legs, ankles, a row of passionless eyes), and bits of animals (horse’s rumps, hoofs, legs of a rabbit, a deer). The dialogue between the fractured narrative and the abstraction charges the pictures. Sam Reveles’ work was recently seen in a solo exhibition at the The Saint Louis Art Museum. A fully illustrated, color catalog is available. Visual material is available upon request. Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 11 – 6 PM For further information please contact: Carla Chammas, Richard Desroche or Glenn McMillan

Participating Artists:

Sam Reveles