Press Release


CRG is pleased to announce our next exhibition will be new work by New York artist, Siobhan Liddell. In her first one-person exhibition at CRG, Liddell will present a series of “drawings” composed of various combinations or singular of the following elements: padded wedges – large, upholstered, triangular shapes to lean on or fall back on papier-mâché and bronze “fossils” – papier-mâché with plaster, clay and gesso objects and bronze objects cast from bodies – a geological reference to a brief moment in time. glass rods – colored, solid-worked objects which mediate light Liddell views these sculptural elements and their arrangement as fluid and changing and encourages in herself and the viewer an imagining of “other possibilities”. The artist reserves the right to change the installation of the elements throughout the course of the exhibition. In addition, the artist will show a large two-sided drawing which becomes a wall unto itself and reflects color to a corner as well as three smaller three dimensional drawings. Visual material is available upon request. Gallery hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am – 6pm For further information please contact Carla Chammas, Richard Desroche or Glenn McMillan. Next exhibition: Kiki Lamers, October 14-November 13, 1999.