Press Release


In Siobhan Liddell’s recent works at CRG gallery she explores what moves in stillness. Using thread Liddell draws topographical place in the space between two walls. The physicality comes to appearance in the moving back and forth in time and space. The straight lines create curves. Static threads shift perspective and play with perception. A place to sit is offered. Also included are large works on paper. Markings of time, traces of place and memory, impelled by the act of looking. ‘Himalaya” resonates the reflective glow of the setting sun on the snow capped mountains. The drawings depict what moves forward in silence. The moons’ movements, the suns’ rays, the edges of the body against the vast universe. A group of older drawings accompany the current works, each informing the other. These earlier drawings refer to architecture, community and town planning. Liddell writes, “It is funny, when I am walking my thoughts are free, not attached. So to walk is to let what moves inside float to the surface and be released. I have to conclude, then, that walking is what made these drawings – forever on my way…”

Participating Artists:

Siobhan Liddell