Press Release


Los Angeles based artist Stephanie Pryor opens her second New York solo exhibition at CRG Gallery. A new body of work consists of 28 small ink and acrylic paintings on paper. The images, which could be thought of as more traditionally representational, have been put forth in two distinct series. One series, titled Nature Series I, is devoted to images of wildlife in a diverse survey-like selection of animalia. The other series, MusicSeries I, gathers images from what appear to be stills from the theater, symphony, and opera. The images seem directly aware of their photographic origins though become something wholly more resonant in their material and undeniably less static than their source. The use of ink and the light application of paint on a delicately thin paper surface creates an image that seems to be held together by its color and touch alone. The two series have been interspersed in the installation, creating a linear variation throughout the gallery space. The prospect of narrative between the images might formally be assumed if not for each being so distinctly significant in terms of its urgency, so much so that each defines its own interval in the succession of images rather than promoting a traditional sense of progression. Stephanie Pryor Writes:

“I am interested in the natural rhythm and power of moments both in nature and performance. Throughout the work and materials used I am trying to get under the visual and into the actual presence of the thing, sound, vibration, etc..”