Press Release


Los Angeles artist, Stephanie Pryor, will make her New York solo debut with a new series of abstract paintings on October 26. All eight works in the exhibition are acrylic ink and acrylic paint on canvas on panel.

“For the past few years, I have been slowly building a psychological and abstract language which explores such realms as eroticism, violence, strength and survival. The “alphabet” is loosely based on animal and nature imagery, but more importantly it is extremely personal and experiential. The work is executed spontaneously without pre-drawing or preplanning the composition. I start with a mark or physically push the paint around and the image grows from there. My stream of consciousness and intuition joins intentionality and control. I am interested in my paintings as a joining of a physical and mental exercise similar to participating in an individual sport. There is a point when the mind and body come together to reach a heightened sense of awareness and then it can quickly dissipate into something else. In these abstract paintings, line turns into form, turns into something recognizable and then quickly back into something abstract. The sophistication of paint handling can only be realized through what has come before it. In a sense, practice leads to more chances of reaching and surpassing that certain awareness. In this case, it is the awareness or observation of a continuously changing psychology which is always active and excitingly unpredictable.”

– Stephanie Pryor, July 2001