Press Release

CRG Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Brooklyn-based artist Steven Bindernagel, In Conversation. The show includes recent paintings and works on paper.
It’s not so much about obsession as it is about calculation, letting go, reining in control and finding an acceptable sense of completion.
— Steven Bindernagel, 2013
Beginning with a predetermined yet fluid outline of a work’s composition and coloring, Bindernagel then hones his self-imposed visual language, one informed as much by architectural structures as digital malfunctions, floral pastiches and stained glass. He functions in an open system of markings and formations, occurrences that may be revisited a few times over several years of work or hundreds of times in a singular work. In this multi-veined practice, Bindernagel’s work is rhizomatic in structure: multiplicious and non-hierarchical, developing along all planes at once without an absolute root or outcome. The amalgamation of these repetitions forms a textured surface that reveals the artist’s daily decisions in his studio–a tension that resolves itself spontaneously once a work’s composite parts are successfully enmeshed into one. This harnessed discord resides either on the brink of a reaction or in the aftermath of its exploding point. The defining undercurrent of these diversified structures is that they are in a state of flux.

Participating Artists:

Steven Bindernagel