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Selected Work

Untitled, 2011
Acrylic and paper on canvas
36 X 42 inches

Untitled, 2011
Paper and acrylic on canvas
23 X 20 1/2 inches

“a heart of two anchors take one bird and take one butcher, from ear to ear, its a familiar end she was with grin while meat and medicine poured, played yet with the poverty of country was a new friend so she withdrew her smile to clear one anchor that was not her faith the other was my mothers brother, enchanted china, giggled with Africa and strayed to stay in whips of lamb leather, feathers Stained, shells That raised the last anchor human hate.”, 2011
Mosquito net, fish bone, umbrella, artificial horn, pigeon feathers
91 X 43 X 38 inchesĀ 

shadow of a shadow (projections), 2010

Plaster, cardboard and acrylic
21 X 26 X 11 inches

shadow of a shadow (reflections), 2010
Plaster and cardboard
45 X 26 X 19 inches

Mauvais Temps, 2008
ceramics glazed, black
62 X 52 X 6 cm

Estrela da Tarde, 2010
Purple heart wood and paper
29 X 27 X 3 inches

Green Fountain, 2009
Concrete, planters, plaster, drinking straw
53 1/2 X 15 3/4 X 15 3/4 inches

Split, 2010

Lead weights, metal rods, shoe horns, metalic tape
87 3/8 X 78 Ā¾ X 2 inches

Long Deep Furrow, 1998
Acrylic paint, armour coat (urethane), durotran
43 X 96 X 68 inches

Belles, 2011
Cast bronze, in ten parts
Dimensions variable

Installation Shots