Since the early 1990s, n photographs and films, Ori Gersht has been exploring the traumatic chasm between images and their referents. Whether documenting symbolically charged landscapes in Israel, Poland, and Japan or violently animated staged Dutch still life, Gersht burrows into the techniques of representation to suggest that pictures cannot fulfill the profound task of historical testimony. Despite the poignant cultural references that Gersht explores, his reliance on freeze-frame photography, extended exposure, and compositing procedures produces an almost self-enclosed image-world whose capacity to perform as either a singular mnemonic device or a collective record is invariably questioned. This first major museum exhibition of the artist’s work gathers roughly twenty-five pieces, including a new video based on a nineteenth-century painting from the museum’s permanent collection, and will be complemented by a catalogue with essays from the curator and Yoav Rinon, as well as an interview with the artist.” –Nuit Banai