New York Art Roundup: Life After the Frieze


Still miffed about a dearth of showstoppers from September’s big art blitz, or feeling underwhelmed by the dialed-down buzz at this year’s Frieze Art Fair? You’re not alone! Art Fag City’s Paddy Johnson assures us that this isn’t necessarily a sign of a joint creative and economic recession within the art world, but simply business as usual. She’s also got a handy cheat-sheet of shows guaranteed to renew faith.

Olaf Breuning at Metro Pictures: “He’s filled a bucket full of tits and placed it on a balancing scale with a bunch of books. There are a number of other drawings and photographs in this exhibition, but I found that one particularly amusing.”

Philippe Parreno at Friedrich Petzel: “A bunch of text-based watercolors in red provide a fantastic read. A slightly cinematic key is hit with a theater like awning over the gallery door.”

Lisa Sanditz at CRG Gallery: “Those familiar with painter Jules de Balincourt’s work may find her landscapes overly similar, but they’ve been working for about the same time so I think the point’s moot, and from a technical perspective, she’s a more skillful painter.”

And those whose appetite for art needs even more whetting, Helene Mukhtar or theretrospective of Lars Ulrich’s once-favorite artist Basquiat are also a pair of excellent bets.