BLOUIN ART INFO: 5 Must-See Gallery Shows in New York



Butt Johnson at CRG Gallery, through February 21 (195 Chrystie Street)
We’ve had plenty of erotic anatomy in this exhibition run-down so far, but don’t get too excited by this artist’s name, which suggests a prurience that’s not on display. But do get excited by what the guy can do with simple colored pens, an excess of time, and a designer’s eye for the finely turned line. During my visit I overheard him describing his meticulous process — “it’s like surgery,” he said — and that steady-handed painstakingness pays off in drawings so intricate and maze-like that they can appear positively digital. The show bills itself as “Quaint Abstractions,” a nice humble-brag. Geometric intensity is achieved through taping off areas, messing with perfect grids, and physically gouging the surface, as in one white monochrome that’s all about such cuts. Painters, pay this one a visit — it might just make you yearn for paper.



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