by Mary-Ann Monforton & Morris Shuman

Carmen McLeod cracks open the creative process with Open Structure, her debut show at CRG.


Carmen McLeod, Batten, 2010. Oil, wood, graphite and cloth on canvas, 24×20 inches.


Carmen McCleod pulled out all the stops with her first solo exhibition, Open Structure, at the new CRG Gallery Thursday, September 8th.

From representational to abstract, paintings to sculptures, Open Structuredemonstrates a solid studio practice with a number of ideas overlapping and competing in both wall pieces and floor assemblies. Through isolation, juxtaposition, and, in some instances, excavation, common materials are laid bare, raw, and unfinished to reveal sculptural qualities otherwise unnoticed. A balance of hesitation and resolve lends the work personality, temperament.

Richard Desroche, CRG Gallery owner, tiptoed us to the back room where only two large paintings—not similar, but essentially related—stopped us in our tracks and made us realize that Open Structure could well have been called “Don’t Fence Me In.”

Open Structure offers a highly accomplished artist not afraid to show us a broad range of ideas and, with a single peek in the back room, the realization that she can paint circles around you.


Carmen McLeod, OPEN STRUCTURES, Installation shot, CRG Gallery. All images courtesy of CRG Gallery.


Carmen McLeod’s Open Structure opened at CRG on September 8th, and has been extended through October 22nd.