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Steven Bindernagel

On 9, August, 2012
by dahse digital

Steven Bindernagel is a New York based artist who studied painting at the Columbus College of Art and Design, and graduate level fine arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. While many artists today are taking concepts from traditional forms of art and applying them to a faster digital production process, Steven Bindernagel does the complete opposite. The artist creates stunning visuals on paper and canvas, using traditional acrylic and watercolor brushstrokes, sometimes adding color pencil for detail, but the overall composition carries certain qualities more often seen in digital art.

When you look at the numerous geometric patterns and meticulous detail, you can’t help but wonder if the artist enlisted the help of computer aided design tools to achieve such shapes. However, when you look closer you can see beautiful asymmetries and variation in the patterns giving each work the genuine feel of painstakingly handmade art. Indeed it is easy for an artist today to take shortcuts when technology can replace a lot of tasks that could only have been done by hand in the past. Yet even with all the advances in technology those subtle differences are recognizable, and can become everything to an artist hoping to fulfill a specific vision.

Often in his work there appears to be the influence of floral shapes and colors. There are geometric versions of flower petals, placed with radial symmetry around a central stigma, repeated organically with varied shapes and hues. In others there is more of a machinery inspired feel, with straighter lines and more systematic combinations of strokes, often with monochromatic palettes. At the highest level there is something optimistic that carries through in his work. There is a sense of growth and emergence, and perhaps a sense of thriving. Shapes almost seem to rise up and reach upwards from their solid base. In the end there is a distinct feeling that Steven Bindernagel communicates through his imagery, and that does not require any descriptive words or explanation.

Steven is represented by the CRG gallery in Chelsea, and has a solo exhibition scheduled for November. You can also view more of his works on his website.


Untitled, 2010
Acrylic on canvas
65 x 80 inches








Bottom of the Sky, 2011
watercolor and colored pencil on yupo paper
54 x 44 inches 







Untitled, 2010
watercolor and acrylic pencil on yupo paper
54 x 44 inches