Ridykeulous: Curated by A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenman
 — By GKH
The girls are misbehaving at Ridykeulous, A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenman’s over-the-top group show. Christian Lemmerz’s sculpture, Charles Saatchi’s Dick, revels in castration fantasy, depicting a representation of the British super-collector’s flaccid penis lying in a urinal amidst feces and blood. Additional reference to original art-trickster Marcel Duchamp occurs in Lisa Sanditz’s mural, Pussy Den, in which a cropped nude from Duchamp’s Étant Donnés mixes with Liberace-flanked labial curtains. In another gesture of curatorial gusto, Paige Gratland’s Celebrity Lesbian Fist hangs beneath Keith Mayerson’s portrait of Dubya, I, Claudius, and elsewhere, Lindsay Brant’s papier-mâché beavers engage in cunnilingus. Idols are smashed, predecessors lashed, and cheap shots cashed.