October 11, 2012
Everything You Need To Know This Week On New York’s Art Scene
Brian Tolle: “Commander in Chief”

If Brian Tolle’s second exhibition at CRG Gallery in West Chelsea is anything, it’s timely. Titled “Commander in Chief,” each work in the show focuses on one POTUS, and is numbered according to each President’s numeric place in the roster, such that Barack Obama is “No. 44.”

Tolle’s sculptures, largely busts of heads, incorporate a specific identity marker of the President or the time period he was in office: the clear mold of Ronald Reagan’s head is filled with Jelly Belly candy, in reference to its ubiquitous place on his desk, while JFK’s head stands on Sputnik-esque legs, which allude to the “space race” of his term.

Opening: Thursday, October 11, 6-8pm

Dates: October 11 – November 10

Location: CRG Gallery, 548 W. 22nd Street