Modern Painters

Carmen McLeod
CRG Gallery // September 8 – October 22

Like Richard Aldrich, McLeod seems to have a love-hate relationship with painting: a desire both to celebrate the medium and to smash it to pieces. Or if not to literally smash, then to cover with lengths of plywood, excise and inlay with granite, or gob over with thick black pigment. This is McLeod’s debut outing in New York, so she can be forgiven for squeezing so much in, including a good number of sculptures. A few of the wonkier ones could have been safely left out, but overall the pieces are confident in their embrace of castoff materials like dirty foam dabbed with gesso. A series of large, mostly monochromatic paintings repeats an image of McLeod’s wife, the artist Mickalene Thomas, providing a moment of focus amid all the ramshackle exuberance.