New York Latin Culture: ADAA Art Show 2017 hosts America’s top art dealers

by New York Latin Culture on March 1, 2017



The ADAA Art Show is an Armory Week presented by the association of America’s top art dealer’s. Most exhibits are solo or curated shows. Gala proceeds benefit the Henry Street Settlement.

We are focused on Latin which is a small part of this show, but these really are America’s, and New York City’s, top art galleries. If you only have time to attend one art fair, I would go to the ADAA Art Show.


Brazilian Artists

Da Cunha works with utilitarian materials in a very Brazilian way and is influenced by the architecture of his homeland. The tapestries on the wall are made from mops in the colors of cement and stone.

Da Cunha often contrasts hard and soft edges as if he is contemplating the contrast between the outward ease and more hidden complexities of living in Brazil.

The sculpture on the table at the left is also made from a mop, but presented in a very sensual manner.



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