New York Times


Lisa Sanditz ‘Season Tickets’

The colorful, faux-naïf landscapes in Lisa Sanditz’s show make the smile freeze on your face. Which is to say, they are immensely appealing and extremely well done in a way that grabs your attention, yet they have little that hasn’t been seen before.

This includes juicy broad fields of color relieved by clusters of wonderful doodles and cartoony details; energetic abbreviations (for trees especially); and sudden shifts in scale or space reminiscent of outsider art or children’s art. The paintings of Amy Sullivan, Chris Johanssen, Sharon Horvath, Thomas Trosch, Nina Bovasso, Laura Owens and Grandma Moses all come to mind, as do the illustrations of Maira Kalman.

The most personal elements in Ms. Sanditz’s work are her attachment to actual landscapes; her fresh palette and the concentrated nature of her painted surfaces. It is also possible to admire her for not carefully skirting occupied territory but heading into the middle of the fray as if confident of her ability to claim a place for herself. That she hasn’t quite succeeded doesn’t mean she won’t.