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Arts, Briefly

Some Large Canvases

In recent years, summer in New York has usually meant bumping into a public sculpture exhibition on almost every other corner. But public art in the form of painting has been rare. Creative Time, a nonprofit group that oversees art projects around the city, is now trying to remedy that situation by commissioning three painters to create works on three huge billboards above Lower Manhattan. The project, underwritten by the United Technologies Corporation, a longtime arts patron, recently chose Alex Katz, Gary Hume and Lisa Sanditz, an emerging young artist, to make the paintings, for billboards as high as 60 feet on Canal Street, Houston Street and near the Bowery. The works, to be unveiled in early September, will – because of insurance concerns and union rules – be painted not directly by the artists but by professional sign painters under their supervision. “I think this is a cool idea,” said George David, the chairman of United Technologies. “I’m looking forward to seeing it myself, just as an individual.”