Turning Walls Into Art At Queens Museum
 — By Carl MacGowan

WHAT: “637 Running Feet Black on White Wall Drawings by.14 Artists, at Queens Museum of Art. 

WHY: What would happen if you took everything out of your house and invited a bunch of artists to come in and draw on your blank walls? The answer might be found in this new exhibit of drawings using a variety of image-making materials. 

The 14 artists used drafting techniques, house paint, rolling pen and ink and masking tape, among other things, to turn 637 feet of Queens Museum of Art wall space into a giant canvas. The size of the completed works ranges from two walls covered by Sun K. Kwak’s black masking tape to a trio of columns seized by Ellen Harvey for a display of photographs of the Unisphere. 

Patricia Zarate’s microscopic drawings using ebony pencil crawl across one wall, while Bing Lee adopted Morse Code for his “Bill of Rights: First Amendment. Environmental issues are addressed in Joan Linder’s “Dirty Money, Dirty Oil” and Lisa Sanditz’s “The Death of Bigfoot. Nicole Awai’s “White Recession shows views of a rum bottle in blueprint style. Other images were made by Suzanne Bocanegra, Chitra Ganesh, Rajkamal K. Kahlon, Elizabeth Karsch, Kasper Kovitz, Christóbal Lehyt and Nicky Nodjoumi, 

WHEN AND WHERE: Through March 2 at the Queens Museum of Art, New York City Building,· Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. Opening reception on Sunday, Jan. 12, 2-6 p.m.