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O My! O Zhang’s Provocative Photos
 — Peter Davis

You must check out the amazing work of young Chinese/American artist O Zhang who debuted two of her provocative photographs at a dinner at Patrick Duffy’s art-focused B.E.S (“Boutique, Eat, Shop) restaurant on West 22nd Street. Hosted by B.E.S, Tauromakia and writer Anthony Hayden-Guest, the dinner of yummy Chinese food celebrated the opening of 28 Rue Bonaparte, an ongoing project at B.E.S, which is like a gallery-cum-restaurant featuring work by Terence Koh and others. Zhang’s series “The World is Yours (But Also Ours)” was created during the two months before the Olympic Games in Beijing in August 2008. “The girls I photographed are wearing tee shirts with ‘Chinglish’ slogans,” Zhang told me. “And I photographed them in culturally and politically significant places. You can’t imagine the censorship in China. I wanted to comment on the situation there and how young people are trying to change things for the better.” Zhang has had two recent solo shows at CRG Gallery in Chelsea, the Queens Museum, and the Vancouver Art Gallery. And she has just been commissioned to exhibit in a new biennial in Poland.
This story was published on Jul. 19, 2010