THE NEW YORK TIMES: Art and Museums in NYC This Week

Last Chance

‘CHANNING HANSEN: SELF PORTRAITS’ at CRG Gallery (closes on Feb. 25). In a New York solo debut, this Los Angeles-based artist elegantly combines painting, science, the body and craft. Made of brilliantly colored, loosely knitted yarn, the works’ impressively varied compositions derive from his DNA, specifically those sequences that determine someone’s individual traits. Except for a spiral or two, these sources are visible only in the news release. But the “knits,” as Mr. Hansen calls them, are crazy beautiful. And they’re smart for their astute avoidance of paint and canvas; the thin, semitransparent, declarative modesty of their materials; and an eccentric, impure modernity that equally evokes the paintings of Josef Albers and the tapestries of his wife, Anni Albers. (Smith)

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