The New York Times

July 20, 2007
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Roberta Smith

This two-person exhibition manages to look both like a one-person show and a group show. The works are disparate, rough around the edges and tilted a little too steeply toward the boys-will-be-boys end of the spectrum. Mr. Bird’s sculptures include a refrigerator precariously packed with malt liquor and a kind of maw made of fluorescent lights and ceiling tile. Mr. Fields focuses on Kurt Cobain’s suicide note; Chris Farley’s birth and death certificates; various feats of urination; tumbleweed fenced inside a real barbed-wire fence; and, in the best work here, a fictional album titled “Suicidal Tendencies.” Two copies of it rotate on turntables on opposite sides of the gallery, making only scratching sounds and no discernible progress. There’s plenty of serious intent, ingenuity and talent here, but the ideas are mostly received.