The New Yorker

April 22nd, 2002
Galleries Chelsea


This show marks the New York début of a Swiss artist whose garish abstract paintings follow in the goopy footsteps of Jules Olitski in his cake-frosting period. Each painting is rendered on a wooden board that is painted white and then silk-screened with photographs of the bloblike sculptures Fries fashions from oil paint or crêpe paper. (The imagery mimics the action of the painting itself.) Muscular mounds of colorful paint are then applied to the board in caricatures of brushstrokes. Fries studied with Gerhard Richter from 1980 to 1986, and her works suggest his smeared abstractions on a steroid overdose. Through April 27. (CRG, 535 W. 22nd St. 229-2766.)

The New Yorker, April 22 & 29, 2002