The New Yorker



Like a Scarsdale descendant of the Freake Limner (the earliest American portraitist), Scolnik paints eerily becalmed domestic portraits. In most of them, doll-like brunettes who resemble the artist stand in immaculate upscale living rooms. They could be ghosts of hypnotized fifties housewives, suggesting a certain nostalgia for prefeminist anomie. The show’s most ambitious work offers a giant cutaway view of a three-story house, with little Gothic vignettes being acted out in each of its nine rooms. The high­light, however, is a tiny panel, at once ominous and perversely comforting, of a nightgown-clad woman taking refuge in a closet. Through March 24. (CRG Gallery, 535 W. 22nd St. 212-229-2766.)