The New Yorker

Galleries Uptown
July 23rd, 2007

An intentionally dopey concept can pan out if pursued with verve. Witness “Horizon,” for which the painter, writer, and curator David Humphrey has gathered sixty-eight works of art by almost as many artists. These are hung side by side in a tight frieze around the gallery, scooting over windows and around comers, with their various horizon lines synched to form what Humphrey calls “an irrationally cooperative panorama.” Most of the work is serious, abstracted, yet discernibly landscape-based painting, interspersed with a few shallow installations, drawings, prints, and photographs. Among the participants: Diti Almog, Jimbo Blachly, Adam Cvijanovic, Angela Dufresne, Medrie MacPhee, Alexander Ross, Kate Shepherd, and Amy Sillman.

Through July 27. (E.F.A., 323 W. 39th St. 212-563-5855.)