Village Voice

ART, p.72
July 30th, 2002
Voice Choices

SIOBHAN LIDDELL An artist who has a way with white paper, reflected color, minor gestures, and major effects. Liddell knows how to skirt the borderline of invisibility. Here she does a breathtaking installation of yellow and orange thread stretched taut across the gallery from wall to wall. It’s barely there but radiant and mysterious. Beyond, there’s a large wispy drawing strategically cut and slashed. Another, laced with blue thread and puncture holes, lies on the floor. Look closely at the smaller works in the back gallery too. They’re layered with secrets, sly pleasures, and wads of paper. The titled is a poetic question: “…is it the water that shapes the land or the land that shapes the water…” THROUGH AUGUST 9, CRG Gallery, 535 West 22nd Street, 229-2766. (Levin)