Robert Beck’s drawings, photographs, sculptures, videos, and installations draw from both personal experience and popular media/culture to form complex investigations of violence, sexuality, psychology, and masculinity. He is interested in the interactions of fact and fiction, memory and imagination, family relationships and ritual. This catalogue will feature on-site documentation of the installations in dust, Beck’s Wexner Center exhibition. Essays by Bill Horrigan, curator of the exhibition and director of media arts at the Wexner Center, and Helen Molesworth, former chief curator of exhibitions, situate Beck’s work in the context of contemporary art and culture. Art historian Robert Hobbs discusses trauma as a generative force in Beck’s work, a concept linked to the writings of Jacques Lacan.


 •  Paperback
•  56 pages
•  $17.95
•  ISBN – 9781881390442


Published by: Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio State University (May, 2007)

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