Robert Beck I Robert Buck States of America

Robert Beck | Robert Buck: States of America brings together work created between 1990 and 2015 and collected by Ron and Ann Pizzuti. The exhibition surveys chapters from every stage of the artist’s career. Each body of work looks different and uses radically diverse materials. The drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs and video are linked by a compassionate approach to a myriad of themes: early childhood development, patriarchy, psychology, the search for identity, gun violence, religion, sexuality, the West, and the history of art.


The exhibition includes work that spans the entire career of the artist who began as Robert Beck and continued under his changed name of Buck. While we are showing works by both Robert Beck and Robert Buck, the artist remains the same, a dear friend to Ron and Ann Pizzuti as well as the Pizzuti Collection. For clarity, we refer to him in this catalog as Robert.


Published by the Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, OH. 2016.
ISBN no. 978-0-09904866-2-6.


Pizzuti Collection, Columbus, OH.

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